9 weeks and counting…

Somewhere between nine weeks from now and eleven weeks from now, we get to meet our new little person! Hopefully, it’ll be on the sooner side rather than the later side.

We bought the crib last night, and I stood in Ikea looking at the box thinking about the little bundle that will be sleeping (I hope!) in it soon. Every day it gets a little more real and a little more scary and a little more exciting. Sometimes it feels all warm and fuzzy. Most of the time, I’m completely terrified.

And then the baby shifted in a weird way, and suddenly I couldn’t walk, and I just wanted it out. Come what may, at least I won’t feel like I have eight overweight gerbils running around my insides.


When the interwebs are for us…

…who can be against us?

Probably not the TSA. And it’s a good thing too. Nude body scans and genital pat downs in the name of dubious security are a poor trade off for our newly threatened right to keep our privates private and safe from excessive radiation.

If you’ve been forced to subject yourself to porno-scanners or an invasive grope from the nearest TSA agent, make some noise about it! The Electronic Frontier Foundation is making it easy. This form goes directly to the TSA. Be sure to choose “Inappropriate Screening/Pat Down Screening” from the drop down list. And then shoot the EFF an email so that they can include your complaint in their Freedom of Information Act request to the TSA.

While you’re at it, be sure to shoot your congressperson and senator emails also. Remind them that a reduction in air travel means an increase in road traffic deaths. Remember that those lucky blokes aren’t subject to the TSA’s screening procedures. If we don’t push them to care, they won’t.

feeling grateful

…because I didn’t mop the floor last night before dropping the mayo jar this morning

…because I’ve felt good for the last two weeks (with the exception of throwing up on Saturday :/ )

…because I’m over halfway through being pregnant

…because I’m can’t imagine a better person to be married to than my dear hubby

…because God gives us hope

…because I have new wipers on the car that work beautifully

…because I can afford to make a goose and a turkey for T-day

…because last night’s closer inspection of the Oreo package revealed that they contain dietary fiber! and calcium! and iron! which I think makes them a health food…

Really, it’s been a pretty good day so far. 🙂 Seemed like a good time to be thankful.

first things first

We made our very first baby purchase yesterday. 🙂 We were very excited about it. Spent an hour in the store picking out just. the. right. ones.

Can you guess what we bought?

quote for the day

We will make mistakes if we go forward, but doing nothing can be the worst mistake. What is required of us is moral ambition. Until our composite sketch becomes a true portrait of humanity, we must live with our uncertainty; we will grope, we will struggle, and our compassion may be our only guide and comfort.

~ A. Stone, Law, Psychiatry, and Morality

I love my lawyer…

…and I’m glad he’s ever so much smarter than this:

ThinkGeek :: Blurgh! – Officially our best-ever cease and desist.

Headline of the week

“Topless dancers charged with indecent exposure”

Money quote from the article:

“You’re not allowed to remove your bottom.”