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The Grounds

Someday… I will have my own park with mature trees and benches and a pond with fish and a vegetable garden and an herb garden and pathways and perennial beds and sun gardens and shade gardens and a wildflower meadow. Or two. And the house will have huge bay windows with cushy seats and a library and a music room with a grand piano and a conservatory where I can grow cuttings and seedlings and tropicals. And I’ll have these chickens. And maybe some of these too.

But for now, we have a condo. A nice one, but sadly–no chickens. However, it does have some of the biggest garden beds in the neighborhood. And I’m very thankful for them. :) Chris and I have been putting a lot of work into said beds lately. We’ve added so many new plants that I’m beginning to lose track of them all. And that won’t do at all.

So in my series on The Grounds I’ll be posting the plants in my garden along with pictures and care needs (when I know them). Enjoy. :)