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Summer’s Bounty

I must be truthful and admit that I didn’t grow this amazing produce. It came from my local farmer’s market. I had so much of it on Saturday that I just had to pile it up and snap a pic. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Farmer's Market 1



Sun, sand, and little umbrellas in the drinks. ūüôā I’m in Mexico, folks, or at least I will be in about 8 hours. Wish you could be here with me, but I’ll do my best to do enough sunning for all of you. The grand plan is to put my shoulder to the proverbial wheel when I get back in about two weeks and do some serious blogging, hopefully with some very cool pictures, but we’ll just see how that goes….

This chica is totally disconnected for the next two weeks.


Summer Reading

Summer is here and so are my books. ūüôā Right now, I’m in the depths of Bleak House, When Presidents Lie, and Capitalism at the Crossroads. I just finished Zapp!, and I just started Fundamentalism and American Culture (which I’m terribly excited about).

What are you reading?