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feeling grateful

…because I didn’t mop the floor last night before dropping the mayo jar this morning

…because I’ve felt good for the last two weeks (with the exception of throwing up on Saturday :/ )

…because I’m over halfway through being pregnant

…because I’m can’t imagine a better person to be married to than my dear hubby

…because God gives us hope

…because I have new wipers on the car that work beautifully

…because I can afford to make a goose and a turkey for T-day

…because last night’s closer inspection of the Oreo package revealed that they contain dietary fiber! and calcium! and iron! which I think makes them a health food…

Really, it’s been a pretty good day so far. 🙂 Seemed like a good time to be thankful.


I love my lawyer…

…and I’m glad he’s ever so much smarter than this:

ThinkGeek :: Blurgh! – Officially our best-ever cease and desist.

Headline of the week

“Topless dancers charged with indecent exposure”

Money quote from the article:

“You’re not allowed to remove your bottom.”

if you don’t stand for something…

So true!!

From Surviving the World

Save the paper cranes!

It’s the Cruella De Vil of origami!

**ht: Becca.

And the results are in…

A big heartfelt “thanks!” to everyone who took the survey I sent out for my statistics class. If you’re interested in the results, you can find them here. It’s not as fun to read as the survey was to take, so when your eyes start glazing over, don’t say I didn’t warn you… 😉

8:00 shadow

Because everyone should get to wear a moustache first thing in the morning.