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reason 138 to love my husband

I think there is a small mouse living in our Christmas tree.

It is not my job to deal with that.


Husbands are great! 😉


I would like to take this occasion to say…

CONGRATULATIONS, HUBBY, on passing the SC bar exam!!!!

I never doubted you for a second. I love you! (And not just ’cause you’re cute either. 😉 )

Congrats, Ashley!

Look, you guys!! My cousin, Ashley, won the Western Collegiate Hockey Association Scholar-Athlete award.

Congratulations!! 😀 Way to do the family proud. 😀

My hubby is fantastic!

It is my aim and goal today to tell everyone I know how great my hubby is. 🙂 For the last three days, he has devoted every night after work to helping me clean the house for a party. Parties aren’t his thing. But he has cheerfully (mostly 😉 ) worked long and hard to help me get ready for it.

I love you hubby!! Thanks for being so great. 🙂

Christmas at last!

Christmas is here! And so is our tree. 🙂 I couldn’t be more excited about it! I love having that fresh evergreen smell in the house, and this tree beautifully fills up the corner near the door of our very own house.


Welcome, hubby!

I’m very happy to announce that my darling hubby has consented to grace my blog with occasional Op-ed pieces. 🙂 You’ll find his first post immediately below.

So, in the future, if something you’re reading doesn’t sound quite like me, check the author… 😉

I’m not making any announcements or anything…

But this is a fairly good expression of our current state of mind regarding children.

Found amid the usual brilliance of