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Look!! Fireworks!!


The view from my kitchen windows last month.


A peck of peppers

Before the frost came, I picked all the remaining peppers off of my plants.

Peppers on cutting board

Pile of peppers

Edge view of peppers

Salad anyone?

It’s time to start planting fall and winter veggies! 🙂

Well, actually, the time to do that was about three weeks ago. Sigh. But three weeks ago, I was hanging out in the Yucatan, and winter veggies were the farthest thing from my mind. So now I’ve just gotta work with what time I have left.

I’ve gotten all stoked up about this thing called Square Foot Gardening. If it works even half as well as it’s supposed to, I ought to be practically drowning in produce. I hope it does work. It’ll be an awful lot nicer to grow plants in maintenance-free compost than trying to fix the clay that passes for dirt around here. I was shuddering at the prospect of having to rent a rototiller for all 60 square feet of yard that I’ve got and then still have to buy all the compost and peat moss and who know what else to make this clay habitable for veggies and flowers. Here’s hoping….

You can see my garden layout here. I’m terribly excited about it.

In other happy news, the pepper plants and the tomatoes have come back from virtual death and are chugging along towards another crop before frost. They almost didn’t survive my absence. Not only was I not here to talk nicely to them, but the neighbor kid that I was going to pay to water them just never showed up. 😦 And there was record heat and no rain the whole two weeks that we were gone. Darn kid. Thankfully, my next-door neighbor watered them just enough to keep them alive, and they’ve fully recovered. It’s nice to see them sitting contentedly out there on the patio, all bushy and happy.

My in-the-ground plants are doing well too. I hacked a small corner garden out of what seemed to be solid rock, filled it with real garden soil, and planted a hibiscus plant and a few annuals that I rescued off the “dead and dying” rack at Lowe’s. The hibiscus plant is growing like crazy, and the annuals are almost ready to flower again. My dad seeded the lawn for me too, and after only one week, there are several healthy looking clumps of grass poking up. (Thanks, Dad!!! 🙂 ) The grass should be in full display in another two weeks or so. At least the yard doesn’t look like an abandoned lot any more.

I never thought I would enjoy gardening. When my family was here a week ago, my mom reminded me of the many times that I vowed I would never EVER voluntarily put anything in the ground. But I really like it now. Maybe because it’s more manageable. All the veggies are in pots right now, so there’s no weeding, and the lawn just needs a good watering as often as the water restrictions allow. I find it all very pleasant. The raised beds for the winter and for next year will be a major step up from my pots, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to make me hate it again. And it is awfully nice to have fresh veggies right from my own garden. They’re more convenient than a trip to the store, and they taste so much better!