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When the interwebs are for us…

…who can be against us?

Probably not the TSA. And it’s a good thing too. Nude body scans and genital pat downs in the name of dubious security are a poor trade off for our newly threatened right to keep our privates private and safe from excessive radiation.

If you’ve been forced to subject yourself to porno-scanners or an invasive grope from the nearest TSA agent, make some noise about it! The Electronic Frontier Foundation is making it easy. This form goes directly to the TSA. Be sure to choose “Inappropriate Screening/Pat Down Screening” from the drop down list. And then shoot the EFF an email so that they can include your complaint in their Freedom of Information Act request to the TSA.

While you’re at it, be sure to shoot your congressperson and senator emails also. Remind them that a reduction in air travel means an increase in road traffic deaths. Remember that those lucky blokes aren’t subject to the TSA’s screening procedures. If we don’t push them to care, they won’t.


Just don’t do it

It’s not worth it. It never is.
34 Duke Business Students Face Discipline for Cheating