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Nugget News Update: Closing in on the Home Stretch

It’s been a rough ride, folks, but at long last the end is in sight! At last week’s visit, there really wasn’t much going on in there. Nugget was head down, but that was just about it.

Today though! Today the midwife told me that I’m two centimeters dilated and 70% effaced! Baby is at -2 station. Hooray! While the very few rational pieces of my brain that have eked through 37 weeks of preggo hormones do occasionally gasp out a reminder that it’s not actually possible to stay pregnant forever, I was beginning to think that it might not ever end. But at long last, it seems that my baby is actually going to emerge!

Unfortunately, this pregnancy isn’t giving up without a fight. I’ve come up with a case of pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). And they can call it “benign” all they want, but it’s horrid. I’ve tried a whole range of variously ineffective treatments, both OTC and prescription, but the only real cure is delivering the baby.

So, here we are. I am ready to meet my baby. I am done – DONE – being pregnant. It is time to pray this baby out! I don’t care about the baby room or the furniture or packing my bag or anything else. All that matters now is getting the baby out.

Also, don’t forget to enter your guesses in the baby pool! Only a few more weeks before I close it to new entries.


Nugget News Update

In Nugget News…

I’ve gained a healthy but not excessive 38 pounds, and as of yesterday’s prenatal visit, Nugget is head down. S/he gets the hiccups on a regular basis (very annoying!), and s/he’s very, very active. Lots of kicking and twisting and rolling about, but the head seems to stay pretty firmly downward pointing, which is fantastic. No signs of any trouble. I’ve had a few little crampy spots that may or may not be actual contractions, but definitely nothing to worry about. My chiropractor is saying very positive things to me about how my back looks, and I’ve been staying as active as possible putting furniture together and painting and cleaning and cooking and going to choir and interning at the county manager’s office two afternoons per week and walking as much as possible.

With just under 7 weeks to go until March 9, I can only be pregnant for a maximum of 61 more days, and then one way or another, Nugget is comin’ out. Hooray!

Oh! If you haven’t entered the baby pool yet, don’t forget to enter! Go to and give it your best guess. There’s no entry fee, but I am giving a $20 amazon card to the winner.

Baby pool!

Come one, come all! The prognostication desk is open.

It’s been suggested that the winner should get to name the baby. But I think I’m going to stick with a $20 Amazon card for the winner. 😉

colorful opinions needed!

Or at least opinions about colors… 😉

So painting the baby room is the plan for this weekend. We’re waiting to find out if Nugget is a boy or a girl, so the paint scheme needs to be neutral enough to handle either one and also friendly to all kinds of decor since I’m not the kind of person who coordinates crib sheets.

The plan is to do the two walls nearest the door in Tidal Wave and then get wild and crazy on the two walls farthest from the door. [insert evil grin here] Stripes!! In two different colors!! [doin’ a little happy dance] Base coat in Yellow Lotus and top stripe in Sweet Orange. I’ve never done stripes before, but there’s this French bakery here in Charlotte that has a gorgeous tone on tone vertical stripe going on that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s just so fun! And I thought it would be a perfect thing for a baby’s room, kind of playful and whimsical. They’re big fat stripes, all the same width, and it creates kind of a ribbon effect on the walls.

What do we think, internet and facebook world? Paint is being bought tomorrow, so if I’m making a horrible mistake, talk me out of it now, please!

9 weeks and counting…

Somewhere between nine weeks from now and eleven weeks from now, we get to meet our new little person! Hopefully, it’ll be on the sooner side rather than the later side.

We bought the crib last night, and I stood in Ikea looking at the box thinking about the little bundle that will be sleeping (I hope!) in it soon. Every day it gets a little more real and a little more scary and a little more exciting. Sometimes it feels all warm and fuzzy. Most of the time, I’m completely terrified.

And then the baby shifted in a weird way, and suddenly I couldn’t walk, and I just wanted it out. Come what may, at least I won’t feel like I have eight overweight gerbils running around my insides.

first things first

We made our very first baby purchase yesterday. 🙂 We were very excited about it. Spent an hour in the store picking out just. the. right. ones.

Can you guess what we bought?