Nugget News Update

In Nugget News…

I’ve gained a healthy but not excessive 38 pounds, and as of yesterday’s prenatal visit, Nugget is head down. S/he gets the hiccups on a regular basis (very annoying!), and s/he’s very, very active. Lots of kicking and twisting and rolling about, but the head seems to stay pretty firmly downward pointing, which is fantastic. No signs of any trouble. I’ve had a few little crampy spots that may or may not be actual contractions, but definitely nothing to worry about. My chiropractor is saying very positive things to me about how my back looks, and I’ve been staying as active as possible putting furniture together and painting and cleaning and cooking and going to choir and interning at the county manager’s office two afternoons per week and walking as much as possible.

With just under 7 weeks to go until March 9, I can only be pregnant for a maximum of 61 more days, and then one way or another, Nugget is comin’ out. Hooray!

Oh! If you haven’t entered the baby pool yet, don’t forget to enter! Go to and give it your best guess. There’s no entry fee, but I am giving a $20 amazon card to the winner.


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