colorful opinions needed!

Or at least opinions about colors… 😉

So painting the baby room is the plan for this weekend. We’re waiting to find out if Nugget is a boy or a girl, so the paint scheme needs to be neutral enough to handle either one and also friendly to all kinds of decor since I’m not the kind of person who coordinates crib sheets.

The plan is to do the two walls nearest the door in Tidal Wave and then get wild and crazy on the two walls farthest from the door. [insert evil grin here] Stripes!! In two different colors!! [doin’ a little happy dance] Base coat in Yellow Lotus and top stripe in Sweet Orange. I’ve never done stripes before, but there’s this French bakery here in Charlotte that has a gorgeous tone on tone vertical stripe going on that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s just so fun! And I thought it would be a perfect thing for a baby’s room, kind of playful and whimsical. They’re big fat stripes, all the same width, and it creates kind of a ribbon effect on the walls.

What do we think, internet and facebook world? Paint is being bought tomorrow, so if I’m making a horrible mistake, talk me out of it now, please!


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