It’s that time again…

I realized it when I stopped by the garden store to grab some clippers and get some advice on salvaging the bulbs that I got last year but didn’t know when to plant. (If that sounds strange to you, here in the South, planting bulbs isn’t so easy. It freezes in December, then goes back up to the 70s in February and then freezes again in March, so bulbs are more like annuals than perennials.)

So while I was at the garden store, I expeditiously picked up a a big ole bag of potting soil and a package of strawberry seeds to go in the beds at our new house. (A post on that will follow soon, as soon as I can get some pictures.) And I stopped at Lowe’s and grabbed some trays that they were going to throw away to use for my seed starting trays. And I stopped at the grocery store to grab food for dinner and two packages of styrofoam cups (far superior to peat pots–no mold!) and a package of plastic coated freezer paper to line my trays with to catch the water. And now I’m home and looking at all of my seeds trying to decide what to plant first.

If I get them planted tomorrow, I should see the first flower seedlings in about two weeks and the first of the veggies shortly thereafter. The strawberries will take longer, probably four weeks.

I can’t wait. 🙂


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