A peck of peppers

Before the frost came, I picked all the remaining peppers off of my plants.

Peppers on cutting board

Pile of peppers

Edge view of peppers

7 responses to “A peck of peppers

  1. Those look delicious. What kind of peppers are they–they do not look like garden variety bells.

  2. They’re bell peppers but of the bush variety They’re bred to grow around instead of up.

  3. So. . .this is what a Monica Raab blog looks like. . .huh. 🙂

    Those are pretty cool pictures of peppers there. They almost look like $150 stock photos. Something’s fishy here. . .

    Seriously, I’m glad to see you guys are doing well.


  4. How, I ask you? How?

    We have a little pepper plant. Nothing big. It’s in a pot. We’ve managed to coax a grand total of 1 (I) (one) pepper out of it.

    How did you do it?

  5. I dunno. They just grew all by themselves. Where did you get it?

  6. What did you do with all those peppers? Pickle them?

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