I’m odd, OK? I admit it.

So. Becca tagged me to come up with a few random strange things about myself. I thought briefly about pretending that I didn’t have anything to post, but I didn’t want to cause anyone to die laughing, so here goes….

  •  Sometimes I have these strange day dreams that are so real that I don’t know if they really happened or not, and I have to go ask the people involved if it was real.
  • If I lie on my back with my eyes closed in a dark quiet room, and I concentrate really hard, I can make myself feel like I’m floating upside down.
  • If I don’t put my right contact in first, I can’t get either one in.
  • I’m worried that when Chris and I are wandering around in the eco-reserves in Mexico, I might get eaten by a puma.
  • Every once in a while, I forget who Chris is. I look at him, and I know his name, and I recognize his face, but I have no idea who he is or how I ended up married to him. It keeps married life exciting. 😉

OK, that’s it. At least, that’s all that I’m willing to submit to public scrutiny. 🙂 And I’m not going to tag anyone either, so all three of you readers can keep on being friends with me. 😉


2 responses to “I’m odd, OK? I admit it.

  1. Hi Monica,
    I like wordpress too!

    You had asked about a comparison list of digiscrapping software – here is one

    But it doesn’t talk much about the great features of ACDSee Photo Editor – about how user friendly it is, the built in How-to’s, and that it makes text on a curve easy (it can’t be done in PSE).

  2. I TOTALLY understand that last one! It took me years to get past that. Like 8-10 years. I’d just look at him (while he was sleeping usually) and think, “Who ARE you, Mister? Who ARE YOU??”

    I don’t do it anymore. I don’t know when that changed. I think it’s TOTALLY normal. 😉

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