That mysterious lady….

Poor DeWitt is quite discombobulated. On Saturday, quite mysteriously and without warning, a new parakeet made an entrance at the Raab residence. A lady parakeet, at that. And poor DeWitt just doesn’t know what to do with himself.

The first time that I had them both out together, DeWitt was doing all right for a few minutes, and then he tried to step on her back! Well, she didn’t think much of that at all, and I didn’t like the look of it either, so I immediately pulled him away from her and separated them to keep her safe.

But a few days later, shortly after the picture above was taken, he pulled the same stunt. Only this time, before I could react to protect her….she bit his foot! 🙂 Good girl. DeWitt was quite shocked. He shook himself, and backed off a couple of steps, and since then he has been much more respectful of her space.

They’re slowly getting used to each other. DeWitt is almost a full year older than she is, so he’s quite a bit bigger. I’m still not letting them be around each other unless I’m right there to intervene if needed. I don’t think he’s trying to hurt her or push her around, but he’s kind of like a five-year old playing with a baby–he’s gotta learn that she’s not as sturdy as he is just yet.

Here’s a close up.

So. Name suggestions, anyone? I don’t know what to call her. She’s feisty, but I think she’s more of an introvert. You can’t tell from this picture, but she’s got a beautiful deep blue/green spot right above her tail.


3 responses to “That mysterious lady….

  1. For some reason, your parakeet got me and Christy thinking about old 1960s women’s-empowerment songs like “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” (Nancy Sinatra) and “Respect” (Aretha Franklin).

    So….how about Aretha? Christy also offers up “Sassy”. Of course, that makes me think of the cat from Homeward Bound.

  2. HA! Aretha just might do it. I was thinking about Guinevere, with Gwen for short. Or Genvieve, the French version of Genevive. I absolutely hated Homeward Bound, so Sassy is out.

  3. She’s cute! DeWitt and Gwen sittin’ in a tree… has a ring to it…

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