My poor mother

Please keep praying for my mom. She was back in the emergency room this morning with a blood clot in her leg. They got it out without too much difficulty, but she’s going to have to stay in the hospital until Sunday. They’re doing a full work up on her heart. They think that the clot was caused and/or shaken loose by atrial fibrillation. That’s scary stuff; we’re praising God that He did not allow it to land in her brain where it could have killed her. As it is, she could have lost her leg if they hadn’t gotten to it so quickly.


2 responses to “My poor mother

  1. Thanks for the update. I’ll keep praying for her!

  2. Never let it be said that I don’t occasionally look at your blog :-).

    Although some new content once in a while would provide me with some incentive…

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