Happines is…

…waking up and seeing your husband next to you.

…climbing over all the boxes in your kitchen and being rewarded with a glimpse of your vegetable plants growing serenely on your deck.

…watching your bird hanging upside down on a new toy.

…having a few extra moments in the morning to thank God for a beautiful day.

…seeing your church family after two months away.

…pretending your car is a spaceship.

…going over to a friend’s house for popcorn and a movie.

…grilling supper on a huge charcoal grill that God provided for free.

…watching a friend get married on your wedding anniversary.

…finalizing plane tickets to go see your family at Christmas.

For all the beautiful little things in life and all the little things that make life interesting, I am thankful.


3 responses to “Happines is…

  1. Christy and I just read this blog post together. It – like you and Chris – is awesome!

    Can’t wait to see y’all at the wedding!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Chris and Monica! I hope you both have a great day. 🙂

  3. Happy First Anniversary!!

    And btw, tag! You’re it. http://www.drslewis.org/camille/?p=352

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