We are a bright one, aren’t we?


Pamela Anderson is getting married this month, but she’s having four ceremonies to celebrate. (Sounds like fun to me! *roll eyes*). Someone asked her how she’s “coping with her nerves,” and the Associated Press has kindly recorded her stress reducing remedy for posterity:

I have two words for you: champagne.



4 responses to “We are a bright one, aren’t we?

  1. Why should she be nervous? With her record, it’s not like she takes marriage that seriously.

  2. I don’t think it was nervous about being married so much as it was nerves because she decided to do four ceremonies in as many weeks. That’s insanity!

  3. Marriage, schmarriage… Its the WEDDING we’re concerned about!

  4. Well, if that’s the case, who cares? If something does not go quite right, I’m sure there will be another one coming up soon.

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