Hooray for my hubby!

Exams are over, and they all feel good. Proud of him is what I am. My man is now officially a 3L. Or for the time being, as he prefers to say a “no-L” which means that he can spend all day long lounging about zooming through his for-fun book list.


5 responses to “Hooray for my hubby!

  1. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? I’d almost forgotten what it was like to read for fun.

  2. Grrr. I’ll join the no-L group soon… Just two more days of this!

  3. I’m done!

  4. YEAH!!!! 🙂 Party on, my friend.

  5. PerfectlyMusical

    Hey, Monica. It’s Emily. What’s your email address? I need some help with a debatable topic. Namely this…should children be allowed in an English school if they speak little or no english whatsoever. I’m debating this with a team (a lot less professionally than what you’re used to), but I need some helpful insight and wisdom. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!! I’m at:

    P.S. I made up the blogspot during the last 5 minutes so I could get in touch with you. Maybe I’ll create a new one this summer when I get more time. That would be fun. 🙂

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