Please welcome

Please give a warm welcome to Barely Legal, a wickedly funny blog detailing law school culture. It’s all the fun of law school without any of the work.

(Editor’s Note: Please read with discretion.)


8 responses to “Please welcome

  1. What’s the website or link? check your email by 7:00 P.M. too

  2. Sorry, I didn’t hyperlink the blog name. It’s Barely Legal, and you can find it on the Favorite Links list.

  3. heh. not the same barely legal that’s linked on my blog. I think i like mine better. easier to read.

  4. WOAH! Totally the wrong link there guys. Hang on…

  5. OK. Fixed it. Sorry about that.

  6. Much better. Though I TOTALLY disagree with today’s post (BFF). That does not happen at my school that I’ve noticed. Oh, and whenever I AM in some sort of BFF-ish social structure, I always think I’m the ugly one.

  7. No BFFs at your school? I definitely saw them at BJU. No doubt about it there.

  8. Yeah, it happened at BJ without a doubt. High school, too. But I really don’t notice it here. Maybe I’m just unobservent and assume that since I’m not a part of a BFF pairing, no one is.–>

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