On this very auspicious occasion, I wish to announce the addition of a link to a site of highest quality. Take a look at got me a college girl. Come, read, be enriched.



  1. Wow–you’re really moving up in the world! (And since blog comments don’t always convey tone/emotion as intended, I add that I am genuinely impressed–there’s no sarcasm in this comment!) 🙂 I hope to have time to actually read some of the articles on there soon…

  2. Well, well, well. We’ve got ourselves a pundit in our midst.

    Not sure I quite follow the purpose of this blog. Arguing in favor of education of Christian women……are there people arguing against that who aren’t….well, my grandparents?

    I mean, I guess I should defer to you on this. If there’s anyone I know who knows the ins and outs of Southern religious culture more than me (I got it from growing up in a Southern Baptist church)….it’s my friends who graduated from Bob Jones.

  3. Heh. Are the people who oppose educating women the sort of people who actually READ blogs? At any rate, I guess it’s fun for a good ranting heated agreement.

  4. I’ve actually known several girls (none from the south, incidentally, although I’m sure it occurs here as well) whose parents wouldn’t allow them to attend college. I think they were supposed to prepare to become wives/mothers/homemakers instead. They were usually allowed to take some college-level Bible or counseling-type classes, though.

    I think people who are into Bill Gothard usually believe that type of thing.

    The girls I knew like this were actually turning out reasonably normal and well-adjusted, and they had good attitudes about not being allowed to further their education, but it sort of ticks me off that their parents thought that way…

  5. But how do you find a good, Christian husband without going to the Great Dating Service that is Bob Jones!? Surely these future wives/homemakers don’t expect a suitable “ministry” to just fall in their laps…

  6. Now, now… 🙂

    It is indeed true not only that there are people our age that believe that women don’t belong in higher education, and this can be for a variety of reason. They may believe (as I understand Bill Gothard to teach) that children should learn pretty much exclusively from their parents, and so sending your kids away for an education breaks up the family unity. There are some that don’t think that women should work outside the home, and so there’s no need for an expensive four years of education. Along with that viewpoint, I believe, also comes the unspoken fear that if a girl is allowed to see what she can do and the many paths available, she won’t want to go back to what her parents had planned for her. So this is a fairly common thing.

    Do they read blogs? Unequivocally, yes. Many of them have blogs. They’re not against technology per se, they just don’t want their girls involved in it.

    But the purpose of got me a college girl isn’t to knock people down or make fun of them. The purpose is to kindly but firmly persuade with better arguments and use of Scripture that everyone benefits when a person, male or female, is taught to use their God-given talents to the fullest.

  7. I once heard a friend (back in high school) say: “In the world of dating, Bob Jones University is the Happy Hunting Grounds, and the Wilds is extended season.”

  8. Oh, Mel. So true, so true. 🙂 Gives a whole new meaning to hunting season. 🙂

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