Need I say more?

Oddly Enough News Article



6 responses to “Need I say more?

  1. Kind of like a pile of nuclear waste lecturing a pile of dirt about cleanliness.

    I’m deeply concerned about the decline of democracy and law in the United States….but I really don’t want to hear anything that man has to say.

  2. Quote from the article: “One of the hard things when you haven’t talked to somebody for more than 30 years is we don’t really understand how we sound to them and they don’t understand how they sound to us,” he said. “We obviously have a way to go until we’re speaking the same language.”

    As in… Libya hasn’t been speaking Democracy since… um… ever? Thanks for the lecture, though…

  3. Ah, but don’t you understand the need for multilateralism and respect for the values of the world community? After all, Libya only recently held the Chair of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

  4. A high achievement to aspire to, no doubt. Maybe they should interview Charles Taylor about it, since rumor has it he’s hanging out there and is a part of that rich tradition.

  5. Oooh, I guess I don’t keep up with the news much. Mr. Taylor is currently on trial and in custody.

  6. Yeah, and they’re trying to ship him off to the Netherlands.

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