Bird Brains

Last night Chris was working on a Sudoku puzzle from a Sudoku book that I got him for his birthday. So DeWitt thought he would wander over and check it out…

After carefully assessing the situation…

DeWitt decided that Chris needed a little bit of help.

(The conversation was fast and furious.)
“No! That’s a 9 not a 2.”
“Don’t poop on my book, bird!”

As it turns out, DeWitt has quite a brain in that little bird body of his, and Chris caught on pretty quickly.

And as they say…

“A good time was had by all.”


7 responses to “Bird Brains

  1. Great pics–very funny. Chris seems not to have minded the extra help.

    Still, does this mean there are now TWO disracting individuals when the poor guy tries to get sme work done at home?

  2. Pshaw! Who needs to work?


    DeWitt has taken quite a shine to Chris. They’re quickly becoming best buds.

  3. You named your bird DEWITT???!?!?!?!? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’m going to chortle about that for a long time.

  4. The history behind the name is in the first post about him. πŸ™‚ On our way home, we were trying to figure out what to name him, and we were unanimous that we should name him after somebody important and auspcious. But all the old Greeks and even more current people of note either have names that didn’t fit him at all, or they are three and four syllables long, much to big for a four-ounce bird. And they we hit upon the idea of calling him DeWitt, and it just seemed to stick. He’s a colorful and dignified little fellow, and what’s more, he almost seems to have on a little bow tie. If you look closely, you’ll see two little patches of blue on either side of his beak. That sealed the deal. We couldn’t possibly have called him anything else.

  5. Does Dr. J *know* he has a name sake? I think I would have picked Dr. J. **giggle**

    So funny. . . . So very, very funny.

  6. See, the cool thing about “DeWitt” in connection with a parakeet is that it sounds remarkably like chirping.

    No, I don’t think he knows about his namesake yet. I’m toying with the idea of sending him a picture. Anita thought it was hysterical, but she refused to go tell him herself. We giggled all the way home after picking his name. πŸ™‚ But it’s perfect for him. I can’t imagine calling him anything else.

  7. Wow, I do have a namesake… very funny. (just kidding – this isn’t dr. j)

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