To catch up a bit…

It’s been a month since I’ve posted, and it seems like it’s been forever since Chris and I got to breathe. The last four weeks have been crazy, but I think it might slow down as we get into March. At least I hope so…

Just to catch you up to speed a bit, I’ve been getting into the swing of things at my new job. I’m still working temp to hire, but the decision to hire or not should be coming up in the next month or so. My employer is the president of a non-profit attached to UNC. It’s called the Institute for Defense and Business, and basically they work to get the military, the private sector, and the academic world together in a non-sales environment. I guess you could call it facilitated networking. But the idea is to let all three groups exchange industry best practices so that everybody can improve their processes.

Chris has been insanely busy at school. He finished his article for the Duke Law and Technology Journal, and you can find his iBrief here. Yeah for my husband, the published author! His final for his trial practice class is one week from today, and this week he was immersed in the Dean’s Cup rounds and the Duke Mock Trial Tournament. He participated in the Dean’s Cup (Moot Court), advanced to the quarterfinals, and is now an official member of the Moot Court Board. (I’m awfully proud of him). He’s running the Mock Trial Tournament, so he’s done all of the scheduling and tabulating, really, most of the organizing, with me pitching in for the food. Next weekend, he’ll wrap up his Trial Practice class with the exam/trial on Sunday afternoon, and the next weekend he’ll be off to Atlanta to participate in a Mock Trial tournament. Busy, busy, busy, but we’re hoping it will slack off once the last tournament is over.

I’ll be posting more later about the newest member of our family…


2 responses to “To catch up a bit…

  1. Holy crap that article would make Lincoln Mullen’s head spin.

  2. ibrief: Ubercool. I cited one of Duke’s ibriefs in our appellate brief last week. Actually, I might be able to cite Chris’s since our brief concerns the Wiretap Act and monitoring of emails. Cool…

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