Comments anyone?

Wow. Not sure what I think about this one…It’s such a painfully thorny issue.


3 responses to “Comments anyone?

  1. Cross reference Monkey Lung’s post on The Mercied. See also Rick Garnett’s post on Mirror of Justice.

    If I were to offer any commentary on this, it would probably rely shamelessly on Garnett’s position, since I haven’t had the time (or perhaps the intellect, let alone expertise) to develop an independent opinion. Will update if any of that changes (i.e. I get whacked over the head with the “smart bat”).

  2. The moral morass can wait for another day. Since the SC made a technical ruling, I will limit my analysis to its technical merits.

    Yeah, it’s a tough call. It’s critical to note that the SC did NOT say there was a constitional right to have this right-to-die law; it only said that the DOJ’s use of a particular statute to challenge the law went beyond what the statute allowed. The statutory interp question is a close call. I might agree with the dissent, but my federalist principles would probably lead me to say that if Congress wants to ban assisted suidice, it must do so explicitly, and not have the DOJ rely on some other statute.

  3. Well, I have no idea what you’re talking about because the link is gone…but how are you doing. I should call you all sometime and see what’s up. I trust everything is going alright. If you want a fill in on my life…read my blog or send me an email. my name Zack, not zach…

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