Will this never end?

Article on Padilla

So now what? I mean, really, how do we sort this kind of stuff out? I don’t believe for a moment that the announcement of this indictment was to side step the Supreme Court, and despite Mr. Gonzales’ protestations to the contrary, I’m just cynical enough (yes, David, you’ve worn off on me) to be absolutely sure that he’s lying through his teeth.

But what’s the deal with this guy? Did the Bush admin wait until the last second, realize that they didn’t have a prayer of winning in the SC and decide to go for broke on actually charging him?

And if you broaden it out to all the people that we’ve picked up and are just holding, letting them rot, what do we do with them? They’re basically enemy soldiers, even though they don’t follow one particular enemy in the traditional sense, but they’re not necessarily going to be tried as war criminals, but we can’t very well just let them out. In an indefinite war, do we just hold them indefinitely? Besides the fact that it really stinks for them to be locked up forever, if we’re paying to feed and house them, it’s going to get pretty darn expensive pretty soon here.

So many variables…it makes my head hurt just thinking about them all…


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