In the beginning…

Well, here it is. The very first post. Will it work? Hmmmm… Or perhaps the better question–will I keep it up? Bigger hmmmmm….

We shall see!

So…I’m still thinking about the title. Not real sure if I want something quite so militant. Somewhere, I ought to be able to find something that emphasizes the consoling part a little bit more.

Got it! Barbara Bush beats out Pete Hamill any day. :- )

Oh, just for kicks, here’s the Pete Hamill quote that I was originally thinking of using.

He steps on stage and draws the sword of rhetoric, and when he is through, someone is lying wounded and thousands of others are either angry or consoled.

Pete Hamill

Got it off of

3 responses to “In the beginning…

  1. Yes! something else to do when my mind is wandering during civil procedure! I was almost running out of distractions and thinking I might have to (horrors!) start paying attention. Welcome to blogdom, Monica. May a star shine on the hour of your beginning.

  2. Nice blog! I’m looking forward to reading it… assuming, of course, that you keep up with it.

    Hey, your first two comments are from people who play horn. You should feel special 🙂

  3. I’m honored. :- ) Three cheers for the brass section.

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